Acoustic solutions for medical practice, spa facilities and gym

Not only do SilentPET® sound absorbers solve acoustic problems, they also fit in with the visual design of the room they are used in

Public places such as doctors' surgeries, waiting rooms and even spa facilities are often set out in an ultra-modern but unfortunately cold and sterile way. Plaster ceilings, tiled floors and even concrete or plaster walls make the atmosphere seem less than inviting as well as providing poor room acoustics.

Fortunately, SilentPET® can help out both acoustically and by acting as a picture (SilentPET® Print&Art) or a colourfully designed and decorative wall element (SilentPET Wall) which significantly improves the optics of the room and creates a warmer atmosphere, making patients and customers feel all the more at home.

Improved room acoustics can also increase the sound damping in neighbouring rooms and provide greater discretion – another advantage that your customers or patients will certainly appreciate.


Medical Practice, Gym, Spa

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