Acoustic solutions for receptions, entrance halls

SilentPET® solves acoustic problems in reception areas and lobbies

A large reception area looks refined and creates a favourable impression. Marble and highly-polished floors are particularly eye-catching, but all it takes is one lady in high heels to walk through the hall and the noise levels become almost unbearable. Two businessmen having a lively discussion may not realise that what they are saying is echoing around the room, but they would no doubt be less than pleased to realise that their discussion can be heard throughout the area.

SilentPET® is a way of adding a little extra discretion. The echo effect in entrance halls is reduced, sounds waves carry less and guests will be more at ease due to the simple fact that now, not everybody in the lobby can hear exactly what they are saying to the person on reception. SilentPET® also offers countless variations and possibilities, making it an excellent visual design element.


Reception, Entrance Hall

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