Acoustic solutions for industry & production areas

SilentPET® solves acoustic problems in industrial and production areas

Noise in industrial halls can have harmful long-term effects on the health and powers of concentration of employees. Loud noises from machines and production centres get spread out across the entire factory via hard floors and ceilings and large glass surfaces and bounce back even louder due to the echo effect. The noise level is permanently at a very high level.

Employees may appear to get used to it over time, but a number of studies around the world have shown that this permanent level of noise affects their health, with absences due to illness being higher than at quieter workplaces. Around the world, health authorities are warning about the adverse effects of noisy workplaces and increasingly demanding the implementation of noise reduction measures.

SilentPET® reduces the echo effect in larges halls, optimising the acoustics and significantly lowering the noise level since sound waves do not remain in the room for as long. SilentPET® Industry is incredibly robust and resistant, meaning that it can be used in demanding areas to provide acoustic improvements. SilentPET® Industry mainly qualify for large halls and can be the ideal, cost-efficient solution in industrial areas.

A calmer workplace is a profitable long-term investment for companies and a boost for employees' health.

More information on noise at the workplace: www.suva.ch/laerm


Industry & Production Areas

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