Acoustic Solutions for Office and Call Center

SilentPET® solves acoustic problems in both open-space offices and meeting rooms.

The telephone rings, the printer rattles away, employees discuss things and the air conditioning whirs in the background... Every day in the office we are surrounded by a whole host of stressful noises which have an adverse effect on our health, some that we are aware of, most of which however affect us subconsciously. Poor room acoustics, caused by large windows, tiled floors and ceilings made of concrete or other hard materials, serve to multiply this effect significantly.

SilentPET® reduces the reverberation period in rooms and thus considerably minimises the overall noise levels. This means that phone calls and employee discussions become quieter, reducing noise levels still further.

A calmer atmosphere in the room has a positive effect on employees, who feel less stressed, can concentrate better and work more effectively. The long-term benefits for companies are clear. Various studies have shown that employees who work in rooms with better acoustics are less likely to be ill and will be more productive, and even the turnover of employees can be reduced.


Office & Call-Center

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