Acoustic solutions for banks, shops and comercial areas

SilentPET® solves acoustic problems and ensures discretion for discussions in banks, businesses and stores

Shops and banks are becoming bigger and more open-plan nowadays, but unfortunately modern building materials mean that it is almost impossible to have a confidential conversation. Unless the participants whisper, almost every word can be heard throughout the room. In stores the overall noise level tends to be so high that TV screens showing advertising have to have the sound turned down purely to ensure that the sales staff can deal with customers at something approaching a normal level of volume. Discretion is certainly not the order of the day.

This is where SilentPET® can help. Acoustic elements situated in the right places can prevent the build-up of sound waves and provide more discretion. Conversations become quieter and easier to follow, and sales staff can look after customers without perpetually being under stress. Customers meanwhile feel as if they are getting more attention and being treated with more discretion.

Their satisfaction levels increase, as do those of the employees.


Banks, Shops, Business

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