Room acoustic
improve your well-being in rooms

Room acoustics should be influenced by the design of the room in such a way that the acoustical properties correspond to the usage of the room as closely as possible. It should be remembered that a radio or television studio does not have the same acoustic requirements as for example a lecture room, a church or a studio theatre, while an assembly hall does not need the same room acoustics as an open-plan office or a lounge.

SilentPET® enables you to adapt the acoustics to the use of the room. The correct reverberation period can be calculated and adapted to the required acoustic value by means of the right placement of the corresponding SilentPET® acoustic elements.

  • Top acoustic values
  • Reverberation period can be adapted to room usage
  • Best possible audibility of speech in meeting and class rooms
  • Produced in a way which respects resources and the environment
  • Correct reverberation period in music rooms
  • Less noise in production centres
  • Less noise in office spaces
  • Speech much easier to hear in stores