Sound insulation
Good acoustics, effective sound damping

Our whole environment contains disturbing sources of noise, which are distributed far more widely across areas with poor room acoustics due to hard surfaces such as tiled floors, plaster ceilings and glass walls. The noises then remain for a certain length of time within the room, and this is known as the reverberation period. A room with a longer reverberation period is loud, conversations are difficult to conduct and the room eventually becomes tiring for those who are occupying it. These sound waves also travel through walls, ceilings and floors into neighbouring rooms. Good sound damping is difficult to implement and therefore also expensive. SilentPET® elements reduce the reverberation period in a given room – the sound waves are picked up by the sound absorber and barely reflected, making the room quieter, conversations easier to understand and the sound distribution through walls etc. is significantly reduced. This gives the room optimum acoustics and also makes sound damping easier. Good room acoustics can often solve sound damping problems, usually in a more cost-efficient way than complicated sealing work.

  • Excellent acoustic values
  • Improved room acoustics
  • Simplified sound damping for other rooms
  • Can continually be added to / improved
  • Usable for ceiling - and wall mounting