Designelemente Hoch 765X1100 Akustikbild
Akustikbild 004 1100X765
Design Elemente

As well as providing excellent acoustic values with good sound absorption, SilentPET® can also be produced in an almost endless variety of colours and shapes, making it the ideal addition to even the most demanding rooms in terms of designs. Finishings in a host of combinations, colours and dimensions, all tailored to customers' needs, means that the acoustic elements can be integrated into the interior design of the room.


  • Excellent acoustic values
  • Robust and shock-resistant design
  • Damp-resistant and hydrophobic effective
  • Available in a variety of shapes and colours
  • Suitable to be printed with images of your choice
  • Can be painted to create a unique work of art
  • Qualified for ceiling or wall mounting