SilentPET® FlexWall

The SilentPET® FlexWall Acoustic Screens are produced with the same recycled PET raw material as all the other SilentPET acoustic elements. On both sides acoustically effective and sound absorbing surface, FlexWall acoustic screens ensures a pleasant room acoustics. Edged in a modern anodised aluminum profile and just 22mm wall thickness, FlexWall appears elegantly and slender and allows visually appealing and elegant interior design. Your office layout remains flexible and acoustically comfortable quiet.

SilentPET® FlexWall

Is mainly consisting of unmixed recycled PET bottles. The highly effective acoustic base plate is in standard version laminated with felt. There are 10 different standard surface colors available. The partition panel is framed in a anodized aluminum frame and can be placed along the desk edge or free standing.

SilentPET® FlexWall Print

Is produced from the same basic materials but with a thermally treated surface and using the latest printing technology. Therefore it can be printed with your favourite motif and be designed according to your imagination. This way you obtain an acoustically effective image, which does not only beautify your room optically but also improves it acoustically


The design of the rooms can be created with SilentPET FlexWall according to your wishes. It stays always flexible and can be adapted any time to your own needs. The high soundabsorption values of the FlexWall acoustic screens also provide a comfortable room with good acoustics for speech.

The FlexWall is also available as a desk top screen and can be attached to the table top of the office table. The acoustic desk top screens are suitable especially for height adjustable desks, as the sound-absorbing wall surface always remains at the correct height.

Screen Colours

SilentPET® FlexWall: red, blue, light grey, anthrazit
SilentPET® FlexWall Print: basic white, coated in any RAL colours or printed with your Logo or your favorit picture


Felt covered or themically threated as print version.
Other surface colours and materials available on request.


The SilentPET® FlexWall acoustic panels can be manufactured in different sizes adapted to your office furniture system. Combinations with glass or aluminum elements allow also to optimize an elegant interior design and not only improving the room acoustics but also the office space structure. Business processes can be supported with many helpful attachments for FlexWall elements, such as pen holder, folder tray, coat hook and so on.

SilentPET® acoustic FlexWall

Width: 500 mm, 600 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm
Height: 1400 mm, 1600 mm, 1800 mm / Tischaufsätze Höhe: 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm
(or any size on customers request up to 1200 x 1800 mm)
- Max. size: 1200 x 1800 mm (larger elements will need a special installation)
- Panel thickness: 22 mm
- Weight: ca. 2100 g/m2
- Temperatur range: -30°C bis +80°C


FlexWall RECwhite execution:
60% recycled PET fibres, 40% bico fibers (fibre adhesives)
Surface felt-covered

FlexWall Print execution:
60% recycled PET fibers, 40% bico fibers (fibre adhesives)
Surface thermically threated


Soundabsorption class C
Soundabsorption value αw: ca. 0.60


The SilentPET® FlexWall acoustic elements are connected together or installed free standing using a metal foot. The angle of the connected elements to each other can be chosen freely.

As desk top screen the panels are attached to the desk top panel using a special table clamp.

The installation of partitions can be carried out easily by the customer and the walls can at any time be changed just as easily within a few minutes time and be adapted to new, changing demands.